Oct 172010

I ran a short test on the target dummies in Silvermoon. One build was Assassination, the other Subtlety, both 4.0. The Assassination build is ElitistJerk’s DPS build, and the Sub is more PvP oriented. Just a short test along the lines of getting the rust polished off.

Note that you need 31 points to grab talents from the other trees, but you do not need to have the top talent in whichever tree. Mastery happens at 80.

Sub. did about 24-2500 DPS on the 83 target dummy and Assassination was close to 4k.I’m not claiming to be an expert anything, but that’s a pretty big difference. I didn’t even have Vendetta up on the Assassination test, showing what a nub I am.  Before 4.0 it was about 2k DPS or so with an Assassination build and the same gear.

  • Mongoose on both daggers
  • Instant poison on the MH, Deadly on the OH
  • No other buffs
  • About 4562 Gearscore (I know, it sucks.)

Assassination build (4.0:)

  1. 3/3 Coup de Grace
  2. 3/3 Lethality
  3. 3/3 Ruthlessness
  4. 2/2 Quickening
  5. 3/3 Puncturing Wounds
  6. 1/2 Deadly Brew
  7. 1/1 Cold Blood
  8. 3/3 Vile Poisons
  9. 2/2 Seal Fate
  10. 2/2 Murderous Intent
  11. Overkill
  12. Master Poisoner
  13. 3/3 Cut to the Chase
  14. 2/2 Venomous Wounds
  15. Vendetta
  16. 2/3 Precision
  17. 3/3 Relentless Strikes

Prime glyphs: Mutilate, Backstab, Rupture

Major Glyphs: Feint, Garrote, Fan of Knives

Minor Glyphs: Whatever. I have Pick Lock, Poisons, Safe Fall

Subtlety Build for 4.0

  1. 2/2 Nightstalker
  2. 3/3 Improved Ambush
  3. 3/3 Relentless Strikes
  4. 1/3 Elusiveness
  5. 2/2 Waylay
  6. 3/3 Opportunity
  7. 2/2 Initiative
  8. 2/2 Find Weakness
  9. Hemorrhage
  10. 3/3 Honor Among Thieves (will probably lose this. Your group gets the extra crit rating, so it’s useful for group fights, but it seems to be bugged right now.)
  11. Premeditation
  12. 2/3 Cheat Death
  13. Preparation
  14. 2/2 Sanguinary Vein
  15. 3/3 Slaughter from the Shadows
  16. Shadowdance
  17. 3/3 Precision
  18. 1/3 Coup de Grace

More DPS?

  1. Drop Nightstalker and Elusiveness for 3/3 Energetic Recovery (more energy)
  2. Drop Cheat Death for 2/2 Serrated Blades


  • Prime: Hemo, Evisc, Backstab
  • Major: Ambush, Garrote, Cloak of Shadows
  • Minor: Safe Fall, Blurred Speed, Poisons


Opener macro, since I can never remember to hit that Premeditation button. The pickpocket is in there for when you’re not fighting players:

#showtooltip Ambush
/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Premeditation
/cast Ambush

#showtooltip Eviscerate (or change to Envenom)
/cast  Cold Blood
/cast Eviscerate (or change to Envenom)

Ambush is looking really brutal in PvP. Glyph for Ambush (adds range) and Eviscerate (adds crit chance to Ev.) Ambush gives 5 combo points with the above build, then Evisc/Rupture


At this moment in time all the trees are good for leveling. Combat has better consistent DPS than the others and Subtlety has the huge opener. I haven’t leveled Assassination yet, but it should be between the two, at first guess.

If you’re leveling a Rogue then take a glance at our Rogue leveling page.

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