Sep 072008

So I finally logged back into the [tag-tec]Wrath Beta[/tag-tec] yesterday.

Hmmm… all my Death Night talents have been reset. Of course talent tweaking and shifting is to be expected in a beta and it gave me a free reset, so what the heck. Still blood, but maybe a tad more efficient.

Hmmm… Mission: Gateways (one of the earliest Hellfire quests) seems to have caught a little bug… Hop on the flying beastie, line up for the bombing run, get glued to the ground with no control, and what’s this? We seem to be glued to the ankles of this 20′ tall demon thing? Who doesn’t even know we’re there?

Hmmm, there’s four of us here, all glued to his ankles. Couple of Allies, and Undead, and me, All DKs. Ok, wait, he’s wandered off and we’re not moving. Whoosh! Ok, we’re all back on his ankles.

Alt 4f (exit game) in hoped of canceling this quest. Log back in, still glued to his ankles, server goes down.

Log in later. Ok, I’m flying back to the beastie dude. Try again? Sure, maybe it was just a one time thing (that affected several others?) Coming in for a bombing run and… ankles again.


Log back in, flying back to beastie guy. Ok, let’s try this: Go on a bombing run and just enjoy the ride. That works, no ankles, fly back and hand in the beast.

Try again, this time with bombs. No ankles, but can’t score with bombs. I know, put the green targeting field on the teleporter and drop the bomb (I have done this on another character.)

Nope. Nogo. 6 more tries, no teleporters destroyed. Oops, back to the ankles, but this time I’m somehow kicked loose. Fly back, hand in beast, and log.

Big Red Kitty has more on the beta experience: Just Freak Out Already

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