WoW Gold Tip for Rogues

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Oct 162008

Got a 70 Rogue with decent gear? Try the Mana Tombs in Terrokar Forest (The Mana-Tombs are a wing of the Auchindoun instance. It is accessed due north from the Ring of Observance.)

Zuggy, of Zug Gaming, has a video showing you just how to do this. He says that a Rogue can generate from 100 to 400 gold per hour, depending on your server, the economy at the moment, and your skills at clearing the mobs.

Your targets are the two chest that spawn at random places in the instance. It also helps if you have a combat build, but that might not be necessary.

Check out his page for the video. Mana Tomb Stealth Farming

And check out Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide for more killer gold making tips.

Aug 192008

So where do you stand on gold farming? Good? Bad? Evil? Gold’s not at all hard to make in WoW, but still.. there is a certain appeal to getting 1k gold or more in 10 minutes. And then there’s that desire in the eyes of certain other people to just execute the buyers and the farmers.

See that little BlogRush widget on the right side of this blog? (yes, this is relevant) It’s kinda cool. It’s a traffic swap type thing and pulls in posts from, ahem, blogs in similar categories. (It’s free, get yours here)

The reason that I bring it up is that one of the headlines, which may still be there, was this: The bright side of gold farming?

Following that lead me to the Looter’s Lounge (an MMO blog) and their The bright side of gold farming post.

What that post is referring to is a research paper, (yep, a full blown research paper) on the economics of gold farming from the point of view of the farmers as well as that of the players.

It’s a serious report and not light reading, but it’s not a theoretical physics paper, either, so we mere mortals shold be able to get through it. If you’re interested in the economics of gold farming in the real world then you should give it a look. It’s pretty interesting.

edit – edited for spelling. Sigh…