Blizzard to Support Gaming Clubs

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Feb 242014

According to Gamespot:

Blizzard has announced a new partnership with The esports Association (TeSPA) that will reward and support bigger, more active college gaming groups.

The Membership Milestone program will back groups in the TeSPA network with event funding, promotion opportunities, and unique in-game rewards for Hearthstone, StarCraft II, and Heroes of the Storm . The bigger the gaming group gets, the more rewards Blizzard will fund.

via gamespot

Apparently the clubs don’t even have to be playing Blizzard games, they’re looking for gaming communities that are open to all gamers. So I guess we can assume this means video games from all consoles, as well as PC games, tabletop RPGs, board games (eg: Monoloply,) and so on?

There are also various prizes that will be awarded to the groups as they get bigger, such as a pizza party at 80 members. The list of awards can be seen here.

Seems like a pretty cool thing. I would have loved to have access to such an enhanced gaming club in my college days.

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