Mar 222011

This is a guest post from Chris

If you have been playing WOW since Vanilla you will know that there have been a ton of changes to the game and the most recent is, of course, WOW Cataclysm.

Well, I have decided to write a post for those of you that are looking for ways to make gold and are either too low a level to take part in the heroics or so new to the game that you are not sure where to begin.

So here we go – even if you are more experienced with WOW and making gold you might want to have a read through as I am sure you will pick up some tips!

My first tip for anyone new to the game and wondering what professions they should pick:

Focus on Gathering

These are by far the easiest professions to get started with if you want to make gold. Of course they are not the most exciting and as you start making gold you might want to try something a bit more exciting, like Engineering.

However when you are starting out I swear by picking the gathering professions like Mining and Herbalism. The benefits of these are that you will be able to collect your herbs and ore as you are leveling up so you can do it in conjunction with your quests.

Of course when you are starting out in Elwynn Forest or Tirsfal Glades you will just be collecting Copper up to skill level 65 for mining,  and the same for Herbalism when you are collecting Silverleaf, Peacebloom, Earthroot and Mageroyal. Very quickly as you level up you will be able to sell ore and herbs for solid profits at the Auction House.

You should download Auctioneer, which is an awesome addon, if you don’t already have it, because it will tell you how much your items are worth and also allow you to undercut the competition!

Of course this is a very basic way of making gold, but it is also really effective and before you start getting the other professions, such as Engineering and Blacksmithing. These can cost a lot to level,  but are well worth doing.

Now you know how to start lining your pockets in WOW as a new player.

If you choose to get started with Mining be sure to check out this WOW Mining Guide, as it will show you where to find the nodes faster!

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