Sep 042008

A couple of weeks ago CNN published an interesting article on Kids and [tag-tec]video games[/tag-tec].

Researchers who gathered in Boston for the American Psychological Association convention detailed a series of studies suggesting video games can be powerful learning tools — from increasing younger students’ problem-solving potential to improving the suturing skills of laparoscopic surgeons.

One study even looked at whether playing “World of Warcraft,” the world’s biggest multiplayer online game, can improve scientific thinking.

Ok, I’m sure we can all say, “Lolwut??” in unison here, given what frequently passes for discussion in the World of Warcraft. Still, it’s a pretty good article and you’ll learn why you might want to ask your surgeon if he or she plays video games.

On a more serious note: our younger boy got a solid grasp on certain math skills as he tried to tweek every last bit of efficiency out of his characters in WoW and other games.

Here’s the story: Video games help kids learn, experts say

  2 Responses to “Experts Say that Video Games Help Kids Learn”

  1. hahah that is why i am so smart

  2. Heh. It might also explain why my kids are smarter than me!

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