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You’ve found the About Me page. Woot.

I’ve been playing WoW since early ’08, about at the launch of Burning Crusade. Woooo. Makes me the ultimate expert, right?

Aside from the usual pile of Alts, I have

I’m hardly a hardcore player, but I enjoy the game a lot. If I venture off into areas I haven’t experienced (quite a few areas, there) … well, I assume someone will correct me. 😉 I’m enjoying the PvP in the battlegrounds and the bit of arena experience I’ve had. Getting squished much of the time, but it’s still fun.

Raiding? What’s that? 😉 I’ll get into a raid someday.

Would you believe that our whole family plays? Our boys, who’ve been playing since beta, set up GotWarcraft.com. I run it now. Check it out.

So what’s this site about? I’ll be adding in whatever useful info I find, fun stuff, reviews, tips, and misc. wow related this and that. Basically anything having to do with WoW. I’m pretty free with my linking so if I find an interesting post somewhere I’ll probably link to it.

I reserve the right to whine a bit (but I’ll keep the complaining to a bare minimum) and may ask you some questions. Pretty much anything goes if it’s WoW related.

Now, you may have noticed the Cookbook in the name of this blog. That has two meaning – one is that this will be a cookbook of anything to do with WoW. The other is that we really do have a real WoW Cookbook, and a related wow cooking blog. There will be very little cooking here.

Comment Policy:

This is a pg13 blog. Comments are welcome, but let’s keep it civil. Trollish or insulting comments/remarks will be deleted and repeat trolls will be banned. The rest of the comment policy falls under “use common sense.”  If you write a killer post and link back to one of those sites I’ll probably delete your comment, regardless of quality.

99% plus of the comments received on this site are spam, which is regularly emptied without being looked at. So if you make a comment and it disappears then it’s gone. Try making a comment without the links or keywords and one that’s appropriate to the topic of the post.

Affiliate Links:

I occasionally recommend various guides and products on this site. You should assume that I’m getting a commission from the sale of any product recommended on this site.

Info and Privacy Policy:

The email list is run by google’s feedburner and is not used by any 3rd parties. The same applies to any other info that might be collected on this site. None is passed out to any 3rd party and unsubscribing will be easy and immediate. Polcies for feedburner are google’s business.

The hosting service that I’m with collects aggregate data for statistics, such as visits per day and where visitors come from (eg: Google.) No personally identifying info is collected.

Yet More Stuff

I’m on Facebook, if you’re interested, and I occasionally yak about WoW on my twitter page Azeroth Cookbook.


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